Pop Life Wellness Center Opens in Cleveland

Nicolette Noce, Staff Reporter

Pop Life is a West Coast concept of intermixing wellness and art to create a healing experience, and it’s right here in Cleveland. On Nov. 1, Pop Life opened at 15619 Waterloo Rd. in Cleveland. 

“Pop Life is a collaborative brand rooted in art, design & wellness. We work with artists and designers to create unique products and experiences. Located in the Waterloo Arts District, our Cleveland headquarters features a yoga and wellness studio, cafe and retail space,” according to poplifeuniverse.com.

The concept uses vibrant colors and intricate patterns of building exteriors to make for an eye-catching piece of architecture. At the Cleveland location, there is an open concept floor plan with a juice bar at the entrance. At the grand opening, a projection screen played colorful images and videos while a DJ in the corner played chill EDM.

The dozens of people gathered at the event seemed to be excited about the space finally being opened. One six-year-old girl showed her  excited about the event by laughing and dancing. She explained how she participated in a yoga class that was previously held in the Prism Yoga Room and even demonstrated some poses. The space was vibrant with bright colors and stimulating sounds of music. The space created a welcoming setting to all people, no matter the age.

Founder Joda Mueller, aged 35, was born in New York City and raised in Cleveland. He is a yoga teacher and innovator. Pop Life has been a project two years in the making. During an interview at the grand opening, Mueller shared that the development and opening of Pop Life “has been quite the journey.”

Mueller shared what his experience with and attachment to the yoga community means to him. “[Yoga] has changed my life a lot. In high school I was on drugs, depressed and suffered from anxiety. Yoga and meditation has helped heal me and bring me peace.” He also encouraged the students at John Carroll to “Come hang out [at Pop Life], we’re really fun.”