Club Hockey fights Cancer


Mike Ulishney

JCU’s club hockey team takes a picture at Gilmour Academy after raising funds for the Moevember Foundation.

Kyle Kelly, Sports Editor

For several years, the club hockey team has held the “hockey fights cancer” fundraiser to raise awareness for the Movember Foundation.

During the month of November, the National Hockey League employs its  “hockey fights cancer” campaign, and the JCU hockey team wanted to do something similar.

The Movember foundation works to find a cure for testicular and prostate cancer as well as prevent men’s suicide rates and promote men’s mental health.

“We believe that even though we are a small college campus, that we can make an impact,” junior Michael Ulishney, a defenseman and president of the hockey team, told The Carroll News. “In promoting the cause and raising awareness, we encounter so many people who have been affected by cancer. Knowing that we are doing something to help keeps us coming back to do it each year.”

Ulishney, Brian Russell, Max Wopperer and Michael Flocccare started working on the project in early October. In addition, they partnered with the JCU Love Your Melon Crew. 

The hockey team and LYM Crew were asking for donations in the student atrium in exchange for pledge cards, which are cards where the person who donated can write the name of someone they know who was affected by cancer. Donors also had the opportunity to sign a banner, purchase T-shirts and receive free admission to the game this past weekend. 

According to Ulishney, the Blue Streaks met their goal by raising over $800 for the cause. The proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation.

“I am really pleased with the turnout we received, both in donations and in raising awareness,” said Ulishney. “We constantly had people asking about the Movember Foundation and if they [would be] able to purchase T-shirts online. Overall it was awesome to see so many people supporting a great cause!”