“Bridgerton” is still a smashing success

Nasya Stevenson, Staff Reporter

This Netflix show became a big, ravishing hit across countless nations. Based on the best selling romance novel series by author Julia Quinn,“Bridgerton” is Jane Austen’s eloquent, love-obsessed style, but raunchier. 

The trailer was released on Nov. 2, and quickly went viral on Twitter. Several people compared the series to the CW teen drama “Gossip Girl.” The newly introduced Netflix show released on Christmas Day for millions to binge. 

“Bridgerton” takes place in 1813 during the Regency era of London, England and focuses on two families: the close-knit wealthy and well-respected Bridgertons and the depreciating and dishonorable Featheringtons. 

As the families discover love and navigate the path to marriage in high society, an anonymous writer under the pseudonym Lady Whistledown wreaks havoc on their lives by exposing their scandals. The eloquent and mysterious woman is voiced by Julie Andrews, who not only spreads gossip but narrates every move the characters make.  

Get ready, Lady Whistledown has announced a season two is in the works. The stories of the Bridgerton children will continue with Anthony. (Kaitlin Ryan)

Season one told the story of the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, Daphne and Simon, the Duke of Hastings. Labeled as “the diamond of the season” by Queen Charlotte, Daphne and the Duke devise a plan to make the most eligible bachelor of London taken, and “the diamond,” the most sought after. 

Despite the series’ smashing success since the release, controversy surfaced over the production’s casting method. The series hired actors with a colorblind casting method. Fans applauded “Bridgerton” for its diverse cast, but some critics did not like that it was so diverse. In addition, some have argued that the show does not accurately depict the racial and economic divide in Victorian London. 

JCU sophomore Victoria Szep said, “Bridgerton quickly became one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I love the drama and the suspense in the show. I’ve never read the books, but I am now going to try to. I loved the way season one ended, but there were several cliffhangers.”

“Bridgerton” has reigned as No.1 on the top 10 list in the U.S. today for almost a month. However, it fell to No. 4, then rose to No. 1 again on the list. Netflix tweeted, “In their first four weeks, it’s projected that 63 million households will have courted Shondaland’s ‘Bridgerton.’ ” 

A week later, there was an update on the number of viewers. “#Bridgerton is officially Netflix’s biggest ever series, 82 million households have watched, I truly cannot believe it. Thank you so much,” Nicola Coughlan quote tweeted Netflix. 

According to Netflix Queue, “ ‘Bridgerton’ is the fifth biggest original series launched to date. Fans impatiently waited weeks for “Bridgerton” to make an announcement regarding its renewal. 

Finally, Netflix announced on Jan. 21 that there will be a season two. Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers were issued to the public on Instagram, informing her “dearest readers” that the eldest son of the Bridgerton family, Lord Anthony, will take the lead in season two.

“I’m excited for season two. I like how it’s set in a Victorian era. I recommend this show for people who like ‘Gossip Girl,’ ” said JCU sophomore student Meghan Kotsovos. 

Lady Whistledown also recently announced that production will begin this spring and Jonathan Bailey will reprise his role as Lord Anthony. Szep added, “ I hope season two will focus more on Anthony Birdgerton and his romances. I also hope that Lady Whistledown will be able to keep her identity a secret … but we will see. I am definitely hooked on this show, and I hope it keeps being so captivating. I need season two NOW!”