Practicing Self-Care this Semester

Kaitlin Ryan, The Carroll News

Between projects, papers, jobs and the attempt to have a social life, being a college student can be mentally draining at times.

While academic priorities need to be accomplished and taken seriously, it is essential to take your own mental health and well-being just as seriously.

According to a study by The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Dr. Debora R. Baldwin and a team of researchers in 2017 found, “Promoting wellness within academia reduces disease frequency and enhances overall health. “Practicing self-care and leaving time for yourself is shown to have numerous benefits, including increased productivity, according to Dr. Ericsson and his colleagues at Florida State University. Here are some ways you can insert self-care into your schedule:

Make your Bed in the Morning

Starting your day with a task completed gives you a boost of confidence and a sense of accomplishment, according to Psychology Today. The state of the space you live in is reflected in your lifestyle. Trying to function in a cluttered room can be overwhelming. Keeping a well-kept, organized room makes studying go much more smoothly.

Prioritize Hygiene

Mixing sickness with school work and other priorities is a situation that is best avoided. Cleaning your phone with a disinfecting wipe and sanitizing your hands after being in a heavily-populated place can help ensure dealing with a cold is not added to your list of stressors. Make sure your dorm or house is tidied up once a week to decrease the chances of germs spreading around you and your friends.

Fuel Your Body

With so many priorities and so little time, eating healthy is not always easy to do. The Dining Hall makes it easier with a variety of filling, healthy options. Nutrition facts are displayed by all of the food items, so take the time read them to know what you are putting into your body. There is nothing wrong with indulging every once and a while, as long as your diet is balanced. Hydration is also vital, as drinking water has countless health benefits. Start carrying a water bottle with you so that hydration becomes habitual.

Have a Spa Night

Freshman Julie Kiszka claims to be an advocate for self-care. “I recommend doing a face mask once a week. … Taking 20 minutes out of the day to yourself really helps your overall mental and physical health,” Kiszka said. It costs $2 and ten minutes to walk over to CVS and buy a face mask. Setting aside time to decompress and detoxify is priceless. Grab some friends and set aside a night to do some personal care and relax!

Unwind at a Yoga Class

There are different yoga classes of various skill levels offered throughout the week at the RecPlex. Freshman Nick Nuzzo tried his first yoga class last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed it. “The instructor Izabele is a JCU student…she told us to close our eyes and pause for a minute to set a goal for ourselves… afterwards I felt extremely calm and I was in a good mood,” Nuzzo said. These group fitness activities are an ideal way to end your busy day and meet other people with the same desire to de-stress. Take a look at the group fitness schedules on campus for more information.

Editors Note: Information recieved from University of Tennnesee, Florida State University and Psychology Today.