Mac Miller’s Influence

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Mac Miller’s Influence

Ella Schuellerman, Arts & Life Editor

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A major music influencer and Pittsburgh local passed away recently. Mac Miller’s raw talent and ability to create emotion filled, sharp raps have filled up John Carroll junior Sam Marshall’s playlists. Marshall states “Mac Miller meant so much to me because not only was he my favorite musician but he was also just such a relatable person for me and other kids from Pittsburgh. It felt like everyone knew him.” Here are Marshall’s favorite Mac Miller songs and their album release date:

1. Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza (K.I.D.S, August 2010)

2. Best Day Ever (Best Day Ever, March 2011)

3. Missed Calls (Blue Slide Park, November 2011)

This was the first “sad” song for Miller. He realized fame isn’t all that. This began the transition of Miller’s career into more than being known as just a frat rapper.

4. Angels (Macadelic, March 2012)

Marshall, a Pittsburgh local himself, dotes this to be his favorite of Miller’s songs.

5. The Star Room (Watching Movies with

the Sound Off, June 2013)

Miller’s first album received a 1/10 on Pitchfork. This song is the intro to his second album where he addresses everything he went through after the first one flopped.

6. Diablo (Faces, May 2014)

7. Grand Finale (Faces, May 2014)

Opening with, “If by chance this is my grand finale, bury me in Allegheny County.” The lyric has been discussed a lot since Miller passed away.

8. Perfect Circle/God Speed (GO:OD AM, September 2015)

In the second half of the song, “Gods Speed,” Miller is talking about his struggles with addiction but he’s “finally awake” and going to be better.

9. Cinderella (The Divine Feminine, September 2016)

10/11. 2009 and Self Care (Swimming, August 2018)

Marshall could not give his 10th pick to just one song, so he chose two. ‘“Self Care’ was the hit of the album. It was the perfect way of telling his fans that he was going to be okay and was finally taking care of himself again,” stated Marshall. Miller’s music will always impact his devoted fans, including Marshall.