Trendsetter: 2000s chunky rings


Jacob Prose, Pexels

Social Media Editor Kaitlin Ryan evaluates the newest comeback trend of chunky rings.

Kaitlin Ryan, Social Media Editor

Recurring trends allow people to put a modern spin on the previous decade’s classics. This year’s trends seem to focus on subtle boldness with statement pieces to spruce up minimalistic outfits. The chunky ring trend, or wearing a handful of rings with varying shapes, sizes and gemstones, is making a comeback from its 00s roots.

The current popular culture of fashion is heavily influenced by technology and nostalgia for the days before our lives were controlled by the need for technological interconnectivity. The appreciation for a time when the internet was new and fresh encourages pioneers in the fashion world to revert back to the 00s and partake in the increasingly popular Y2K trend.The Y2K style — associated with too-small T-shirts, unique layering techniques and bold jewelry like chunky rings — is one of the clothing resale website Depop’s top-selling categories, according to Fashion Journal.

Devine Blacksher of The Cut says the trend begs the question, “Did they build up their ring collections over the years?” Possibly. Gradually gathering new rings could be one way to test the suitability of your hand — or fingers — for the chunky ring trend. 

Reselling or buying old rings through websites like Depop or thrift stores led to the surge of early 00s jewelry appreciation. One woman’s barely-worn birthstone ring could be someone else’s treasure. 

Some followers may also search through their jewelry boxes for once-forgotten rings and pair the statement pieces together, forming an eclectic array of colors and shades of gold or silver on their fingers. 

Brought to the spotlight by Kylie Jenner, BonBonWhims is one of the trailblazers of this trend. Owner Clare Ngai told POPSUGAR she envisioned her brand to be “a really good-vibes-only, positive brand.” The chunky ring trend definitely correlates to Ngai’s vision, as the mix-matched manner of the ring styles and their placements add an element of funky and fun-loving style to any outfit.