Five activities to get outside with your friends this spring



Get ready to spend your weekends outside this spring. Here are five things you can look forward to doing outside in the coming weeks.

Corinne McDevitt, Staff Reporter

Spring is arguably the most beautiful time in nature, unless you have allergies — then it is basically hell on earth. Regardless, spring has finally arrived and with it comes warmer weather and a call to the outdoors. Are you looking for ways to enjoy the temperature and have fun with your friends? Here are five outdoor activities for the season. 



Outdoor concerts are the perfect way to pretend to be cultured. In all seriousness, outdoor concerts provide a wonderful opportunity to listen to music, spend time with friends and enjoy nature. Another plus is that the majority of outdoor concerts are free to the public. Thankfully many outdoor community concerts have been scheduled and approved. Genres and venues vary, so there is sure to be something for everyone. 



Drive-in movies are synonymous with warm weather and close friends. While they are more rare these days, Northeast Ohio has many great drive-ins. If you are looking for something closer to home, without the annoying car full of people who cannot seem to turn their brake lights off, a projector and white sheet make for a perfect driveway theater. Projectors can be pricey, but the many movie nights it can provide would make it worth the cost. 

During a beautiful afternoon, hit up your favorite park and bring your favorite snacks for an impromptu picnic. At night, whether you use a projector in your backyard at home or head to the local drive-in, outdoor movie nights are the perfect way to end the day. (Canva)



There is nothing that says spring like a picnic. Whether it is on the quad or down by Lake Erie, all a picnic requires is good food and great friends. Looking to spice it up? Try giving your picnic a theme. My personal favorite picnic theme is “elementary school birthday party” — Capri Sun packs, cafeteria ice-cream cups and pizza, all served on Hefty brand ZooPal plates(off-brand, rip the originals).  


Walking Trails/Parks

Nothing makes a person feel more like a Jane Austen protagonist then walking briskly in the fresh air. Nature walks are a great way to incorporate exercise into your time with friends. With the flowers in bloom, walking trails and parks are the perfect activity to become one with nature and explore. At night, parks like CVNP’s Ledges provide excellent spots to appreciate meteor showers and stars. 


Farmers and Flea Markets

Want to satisfy your shopping needs while supporting local business? Farmers and flea markets are the ideal place to explore with your friends. Whether you are looking for fresh produce or handmade knick-knacks,  these outdoor markets are the place to be. Northeast Ohio will have several markets this spring and summer to live out your wildest wicker-basket, hair-kerchief, cottage core dreams,  

Take this as your opportunity to grab your friends or family and plan an outdoor activity to enjoy this beautiful weather.