An inside look into the new Dolan Hall


Aiden Keenan

Dolan Hall receives a face lift in preparation for the coming fall semester.

Aiden Keenan, Photo Editor

On March 15, The Carroll News got an in-depth look into the progress of the Dolan Hall renovations. The group was given a tour from the Krill Company who is spearheading the renovations. Krill also managed the $19.4 million renovation of Murphy Hall in 2014.

The tour of the new hall began at the top of the building. The guide leading The Carroll News explained that construction projects typically get completed from the top-down, so the third floor of Dolan was the most completed. On the third floor, we walked through hallways, restrooms, dorms and a study lounge area. It included gender-inclusive, single-person restrooms. Some of the dorm rooms also hada restroom, indicating Residence Life’s intent to increase accessibility for students who may need accommodations in their living arrangements.

The residence hall, which has been under renovation since May 2021, will be operational in the upcoming  fall semester for first-year and sophomore students in the Mission-Based Scholarship Programs. It will also house the University Counseling Center on its ground floor. Similar to the current layout of Pacelli Hall, the Counseling Center will have separate access for privacy and the ground floor will not house any students. Aside from the Counseling Center, the ground floor will also include a laundry room, kitchen and an Area Coordinator apartment.

Dolan Hall will also feature updated amenities for residents. A new style of elevator was installed, the bathrooms have new showers and sinks installed and the study lounge will include a whiteboard-coated wall for students to use. And, yes, the building will also include room-controlled air conditioning. 

Construction should conclude by late May or early June and Residence Life expects that the building will then receive furniture and finishing touches throughout June and July before opening for students in August. 

Dolan Hall will be open for students as Residence Life renovates Pacelli Hall next academic year.