JCU Wellness hosts multiple trainings and programs for Suicide Prevention Month

Laken Kincaid, Managing Editor


JCU Wellness has taken initiative in strengthening mental health awareness. (Getty Images)

Mental health awareness has become a huge priority for many college campuses, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rising presence of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses, a multitude of universities have risen to the task of addressing mental health within their communities. This includes the often difficult endeavor of discussing suicide. 

“Suicide rates have been increasing over the past couple of years, specifically within the college-aged population,” Lindsey Carr, a graduate assistant with JCU Wellness, told The Carroll News. “I also think that, culturally and socially, there is a huge initiative towards mental health and suicide awareness and prevention is a huge part of mental health.” 

Suicide is currently the second highest cause of death among collegiates across the nation. College Stats online states that 44% of college students report having symptoms of depression and 1,100 college students commit suicide every year. This has only been exacerbated by the pandemic and its accompanying stressors. 

Many higher education institutions are beginning to take mental health and suicide more seriously than before. For JCU specifically, this looks like organizing a myriad of events for the entire month of September, which is Suicide Prevention Month.

The John Carroll Wellness Center has created multiple programs raising awareness for the suicide epidemic among college students, as well as promoting resources for those in need. One of those initiatives was a 1,100 flag display on the main quad symbolizing the amount of students lost each year. Other events include coffee with a counselor at Grasselli Library’s Cubby on Sept. 28 from 2-4 pm, as well as multiple trainings for suicide prevention including mental health first aid (offered on Oct. 8 from 10 am – 4 pm) and Question Persuade Refer training (offered both on Sept. 26 from 5-6 pm and Sept. 29 from 1-2 pm). 

“We want to get resources out there,” Jamie Greenwolf, Coordinator of Student Wellness, told The Carroll News. “There’s the new 988 number. Also the Crisis Text hotline; we refreshed those posters in the bathrooms. So all of those things are going to come in together. We know that it’s tough to come to college, right? And so, it [can be] your first year here and you’re like ‘wow, this is really difficult.’ So hopefully, this just elevates those resources like counseling or wellness.”

Outside of the programs offered for Suicide Prevention Month, JCU Wellness offers a variety of opportunities and resources for students, including wellness coaching and restarting the Work in Progress poster campaign around campus. This initiative features members of the John Carroll community and how they are bettering themselves through wellness tactics. The Wellness Center also offers a variety of employment opportunities and ways to get involved. 

For more information on Suicide Prevention Month or any of the programs offered by JCU Wellness, email [email protected].