Boler partners with NASA

Evan Richwalsky discusses the new partnership between the Boler College of Business and NASA

John Carroll University

Evan Richwalsky discusses the new partnership between the Boler College of Business and NASA

Evan Richwalsky, The Carroll News

On Sept. 27, the Boler College of Business announced a brand new, innovative partnership with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This partnership focuses on giving students research experience that will contribute to NASA’s missions of exploration and discovery with an emphasis on the environmental impact of the program.

The Carroll News had the chance to speak with Walter Simmons, associate dean of the Boler College of Business, who is coordinating this partnership. He spoke about what students can expect to see as part of this partnership as well as some of the behind the scenes work that took place to make this partnership a reality. 

Simmons broke down what exactly students can expect and how they can become involved. The focus point of this partnership is Ficawoyi Donou-Adonsou’s Empirical Methods course, EC 310, where students will engage in meaningful research that will contribute to a report at the end of the calendar year. This report written by students will be sent to NASA and used in their mission development. For their involvement, students will receive either major credit or capstone credit. 

The empirical methods course is the primary focus point of this partnership, but Simmons explained that, “students from other classes and departments are welcome to become involved. We have graduate students involved in this project as well.”

The process to forge this relationship began with NASA in Washington D.C., and through many meetings, revisions of contracts and consultations with legal teams, the partnership came to fruition. John Carroll was only one of three schools selected to participate in this partnership, with the other schools being, “much larger than we are” as Simmons explained. 

Simmons gives all the credit to Elad Granot, dean of the Boler College of Business, for putting in the effort in creating this relationship with NASA.He also  indicated that this will be an ongoing partnership with NASA, stating that “…this is only the beginning.”

Students wishing to become involved in or learn more about this partnership can reach out to Donou-Adonsou or Simmons at [email protected] and [email protected]