Pro-life is a liberal agenda


Charles Edward Miller

Abortion is a large issue facing Americans today both inside and outside the political sphere.

Rivera Cruz, Guest Columnist

With the turnover of Roe v. Wade, there has been a mutual celebration and distress amongst citizens of the United States; giving the power back to the states regarding whether a person should be able to terminate their pregnancy and when they can do it. This movement’s foundation and guiding principle is the belief that human life is delicate and vital. This virtuous ideology may benefit the greater good. I offer a utilitarian perspective:

Based on these principles, there should be zero tolerance for war. War has been notorious for ravaging livelihoods and toppling empires—a conclusion with the death of both “guilty” and innocent life. Arguably, war’s success can be measured by how many people die. We are accustomed to and anticipate mass loss when participating in complex militarization, militarization that we are funding, and committing premeditated murder to humans we will never meet. 

To be pro-life certainly means anti-gun. I grew up with guns and have shot many of them so I understand the excitement of owning firearms. But what is understood by all registered gun owners is how easy it is to kill living things with them. Guns are meant to kill; they were created to kill. And people kill people with guns as we have seen on many college campuses in the last two months. Guns make killing people easier; we should not take this chance if we value human life. 

The complete removal of the Death Penalty; I do not turn away from the idea of people who have done wrong receiving punishment in the pursuit of justice. Yet pursuing justice through exterminating a human life is another form of injustice; numerous times, people who received the death penalty were soon proven innocent. Picking and choosing who can live based on our interests creates this gray line that we keep moving. 

Being Pro-life could mean free birth control! If we want to reduce unwanted pregnancy, let’s start by providing a free vasectomy for every male who intends to have sex. The government cannot stop all unwanted pregnancies but it could provide preventative resources if the people desire. It could also mean extended pregnancy leave for both parents. 

Lastly, if we care about life, we should also care about the abundance of life. People deserve to live safely and fruitfully. This means we should provide free healthcare and welfare to those on the margins. It means opening the U.S.-Mexico Border to all migrants risking their lives to provide freedom for their children. It is the housing of all the bodies on the streets of Eastside Cleveland on your way to gentrified Ohio City to drink your overpriced cocktails. 

Only a Sith deals in absolutes and politics can not afford to, but there is a clear distinction on which lives matter in America and a Harvard defense exists for them.  I can tell you it’s not Black and Brown Lives, the unhoused people, migrants, foster children, incarcerated youth and non-Americans. And it’s not you. 

There is no denying the current state of the movement but I am an optimist about what it could be: a trend that genuinely values human life and a life that matters from the womb to the tomb. It is both the creation and sustainability of life. 

If you are conflicted, ask yourself: do you genuinely care about human life or want control over other people’s bodies? It is a fair question, an honest one. 

Remember to think for yourselves and to question everything.