8 Ways to Bring Hyyge to Your Dorm This Winter

Rachel Scully, Arts & Life Editor

Hyyge (hoo-guh), according to hyggehouse.com, is a Danish word that is used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment. It can be alone, with friends and outside or inside, but it is always cozy, charming or special.

As the colder days start flowing in, college students feel more and more compelled to remain in the warmth of their dorms. What better way to keep your dorm from falling into dreariness of winter than by adding the element of Hyyge, the Danish way of happy living. Here are eight simple ways to bring Hygge to your dorm. 

Have a Cozy Blanket Handy

After some long nights studying and writing papers, what better way to relax than to curl up in your fuzzy blanket?

Invite Some Friends Over

Host a relaxing gathering with the people who make your life great. Sharing your time with friends is one of the many important elements of Hyyge. 

Hot Drinks Are Good for the Soul

Indulge in the simple pleasures life has to offer. Remember, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and even cider can brighten your mood. Don’t forget the whip cream and marshmallows!

Wear Something Comfortable

It is truly amazing how such a tiny change can make a big impact. Soft materials such as silk, cotton and wool are just some of the many comfy gems to add to your Hyyge closet. 

Fake a Candlelight

An easy way to add a cozy ambiance is through candlelight. Although the dorms do not allow candles, electric candles are a great way to fake it till you make it. 

Add a Calming Scent

Aromatherapy is great way to destress after a long day. Never underestimate the power of a diffuser. If you dont have one, an air freshener with your favorite scent will work perfectly. 

Indulge Without Worry

On your next Target stop, remember to grab at least one snack for you and only you. It is there to nourish your cravings when you need it, whether it be chocolate, ice cream or chips.  The best way to relax is with a happy tummy. 

Meditation Maintains a Healthy Mindset

Still having a hard time relaxing? Try following a guided meditation. An important element of Hyyge is to be present and thankful. There are plenty of free sources that can help you feel stress-free.