Androgyny becomes the new standard in fashion


Photo from Flickr

Rachel Scully, Arts & Life Editor

Fashion is no longer binary. Gender neutral fashion has finally started making its way to name brands. On Oct. 31, Banana Republic announced the launch of its “UNIversal Collection,” according to Elle Magazine. The brand announced that the collection will “celebrate diversity and equality.” As progressive as this is, Banana Republic is not the first brand to do this. There are some brands that consist only of gender neutral clothing.

Nicopanda is a fashion brand that was launched in 2015 and is the personal brand of iconic fashion designer Nicola Formichetti. The brand is dedicated to gender neutrality, with its New York street style adding a refreshing twist. In addition, there are plenty of acclaimed collaborators such as Urban Outfitters, Hello Kitty, Pepsi and even Ariana Grande. These collaborations add credibility to the up-and-coming fashion standard.

Agender is another brand that is only gender neutral. This South Korean brand is new to the fashion scene, but that does not mean it doesn’t pack a kick. Its colorful creations and slick style can make for anyone the ultimate style icon.

These brands, and many more, are exploding in the fashion industry, and for good reason too. They accept all, and even create a new atmosphere for shoppers worldwide. These days, many consumers are not shopping by section, but shopping by style. Whether it be with flannels, jeans, T-shirts or skirts, many are starting to  not care if an item is labeled men’s or women’s.

This can be seen in famous figures today, such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith and Ruby Rose. However, this eruption of style is not new. One must give credit to the style icons who pushed for the non-gendered style, such as Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury. These figures gave gender fluidity the spotlight it deserves.

There is still a long way to go. “It’s always been easier for women to cross the dressing stereotypes and much more difficult for men, which is more repressive,” gender therapist Christella Antoni told The Independent.   However, this standard is slowly starting to die down as more androgynous brands start to become popular.

As history moves forward, fashion continues to undergo development. However, it’s safe to say that the androgynous style will not be going anywhere. According to The Independent, gender neutral clothing seems to be the future of fashion. Soon, consumers everywhere will be able to embrace the progressive style.