Sartain shatters 3-point record


JCU Sports Information

Jackson Sartain attempts a 3-pointer in a game at the Tony DeCarlo Varsity Center.

Kyle Kelly, Sports Editor

There are only so many feats left for junior Jackson Sartain to accomplish in basketball, but one stood out: the all-time career 3-point leader. It seemed fitting that the feat came in the John Carroll University men’s basketball team’s biggest win of the season.

For the three-point sharpshooter Sartain, JCU’s all-time three-point record was attainable on Dec. 4 vs. Mount Union, however Sartain fell just six 3-point field goals short. Sartain followed that performance with one three-pointer in each of the next two games.

Then, against the No. 14 team in Division III, Whitworth University, (Spokane, Washington), the record was shattered. Just 67 games into his Blue Streak career, Sartain became the all-time leader in 3-point field goals. 

“It feels rewarding to break that sort of record, as the work that I put in for many years finally paid off. When I was young I had a goal to become a good shooter and realized the challenge I had to accept,” Sartain told The Carroll News.

“My dad also has a lot to do with my success, as he pushed me throughout the years,” he said. “I don’t believe this record could have been broken without the help of all my teammates these last three years and the coaching staff.”

As of Tuesday, Jan. 21, Sartain has drained 242 three-pointers throughout 71 games in his career — a mark that is only attainable by hard work and dedication.

“I shot almost every day in the summer and off-season. I…put in 500 [successful] three-pointers a day.”

Sartain also holds the single-season 3-point record and the best three-point field goal percentage. The only thing that stands in front of Sartain is the next record to be broken. 

Head coach Pete Moran, a John Carroll University alum who ranks fifth all-time in school history in assists, marveled at the success of Sartain. 

“He perfected the art. He is one of the hardest workers to ever step foot on this campus. He works at every aspect of the game. He exemplifies everything we look for in a John Carroll player.”

What is most impressive is how fast he has been able to accomplish the record and remain consistent every game.

Sartain is now just 49 three-point field goals from re-breaking his single season record and has 10 games to do it.