Five college friendly plants to spruce up your space

As the temperature outside starts to rise so will the plants. 



Ever thought about adding a little bit of Mother Nature to your apartment? Campus Editor Rachel Scully is ready to break down the best college-friendly plants.

Rachel Scully, Campus Editor

The sun is peeking its head out of the clouds, resulting in beautiful bits of green throughout the snow. However, students are still stuck inside. What better way to bring in the new season than bringing the garden into your home? Whether you’re a student looking to spice up your room or a plant-parent looking for more kids to add to your family, here are our top five college-friendly plants for your space.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are drought-tolerant succulents with minor watering needs. (Jake Goossen, Unsplash)

According to The Spruce, a home and gardening publication, this drought-tolerant succulent only needs to be watered every two to three weeks or when the soil is dry, so there is no need to worry if you start to fall behind on the hydrating. While the snake plant thrives on bright, indirect light, it will also tolerate low light. With its hearty nature and beautifully elongated leaves, the snake plant will liven up any college space.


 Air Plant

Air plants are a low-stress and peculiar plant addition to your space. (Severin Canadian, Unsplash)

Want a plant but hate the soil? Then the beautifully unique air plant is the one for you. It’s peculiar for its ability to grow without soil. According to The Sill, a potted plant shipping company, all you need to do is give the air a weekly soak in water for 10-15 minutes and provide bright indirect light. That’s it! No mess, no problem. 


Zz Plant

The Zz plant loves some indirect sunlight or low light in order to thrive. (Nicolas Solerieu, Unsplash)

Don’t mistake this beauty to be sleepy, “Zz” is actually short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia. The Zz plant thrives in medium to bright indirect light but can tolerate low light, according to The Spruce. So if you are someone who likes a darker dorm, then you and the Zz will get right along. Don’t forget to water every two weeks and be on the lookout for the potato-like rhizomes, or thick horizontal roots, under the soil, which help store water.



Create a whimsical, fairytale space in your dorm room with this perfect house plant. (iStock)

Looking for a plant to cascade over you like you’re in a fairytale? Then look no further than the ivy. It thrives on medium to bright indirect light and requires a weekly watering, according to The Sill. Whether you place it in an elevated area or let it pour onto your desk, this plant will bring joy to your little space. With its flowy vines and perfectly pointed leaves, you won’t be disappointed. 


Jade Plant

Possibly one of the cutest plants out there, the Jade plant will make the perfect addition to your window sill. (iStock)

Simply adorable, the jade plant makes for the perfect little desk buddy. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this succulent requires bright indirect or direct light, so make sure your desk is near a window with enough sunlight or, while not ideal, keep your desk lamp nearby. Water the plant every few weeks and allow the soil to dry in between. Jade is also referred to as a type of “money plant” because some believe it will bring good luck and prosperity. So, maybe snag this plant around midterms. 



For any college plant maintenance questions, contact Rachel Scully [email protected]