Cleveland’s best study spots for students


Ella Schuellerman

Stop by the Market Hall for an americano from Rising Star Coffee then grab a seat in the many corners of the building.

Elle Weber, The Carroll News

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, many John Carroll students can remember going to a coffee shop and spending hours completing assignments. The sound of the cafe surroundings, the music, the espresso machine and the chatter of friends getting together can help any student. No matter how unmotivated, students find coffee shop sessions can help get their work done. 

In the past couple of months, more cafes are opening up to the public, allowing people to drink coffee, sit down and have a productive afternoon. 

With midterms in full swing and many more weeks to go, here are four Cleveland cafes open and ready to give students a good study session:


Blue Sky Brews

On a nice day, the baristas of Blue Sky Brews will prop open the door to welcome everyone. (Ella Schuellerman)

Blue Sky Brews has a calming interior with white, high bar stools and tables with unique chairs that offer the relaxation of boho scenery with a modern twist. The coffee shop allows you to sit without your mask on, but as soon as you leave your spot, it must be on again. Their plain black coffee unmatched and they also offer delicious espresso drinks with shots of vanilla, cinnamon or even lavender. If you need relaxing music to study, bring your own headphones. Sometimes the cafe’s music choices and volume are a bit distracting. Overall, the cafe offers a wonderful atmosphere with friendly, warm baristas. 


Algebra Tea House

Algebra Tea House has always been a favorite spot for college students around Cleveland. While they serve coffee, their chai lattes are worth a try. The tea house serves foods, such as hummus plates, shawarma salads and fruit smoothies. The walls are lined with food, mugs and books, with beautiful seating options. On nice days, they open the huge window up front to let in some fresh air. On cold nights, they light the fire in the back, so everyone can enjoy its crackling warmth. The tea house is a wonderful place to work on a group project or work independently for multiple hours at a time, especially since it offers a variety of drinks and food.


When Carroll News writer Elle Weber visited Unbar to check out the space, one barista was more than happy to strike a pose. (Elle Weber)


An option slightly closer to campus on Larchmere Boulevard is Unbar. Everything about the cute corner cafe is classic, and the lattes are amazing. Better than the lattes are the baristas, who offer nothing but laughs and kindness. Their socially distanced seating offers loveseats, cozy chairs and a more serious dining table and chairs for the studier who needs to spread out. 


Rising Star Coffee

The final cafe, and the one closest to John Carroll, is Rising Star Cafe, located inside of the Market Hall in the Van Aken District.  There are tables, sofas and barstools scattered around the other vendors and businesses offering food and pastries. However, if you like a quiet atmosphere, the cafe can be quite loud even with social distancing restrictions. Rising Star is a wonderful place to grab coffee and study after a bit of retail therapy. It is perfect for a long day of studying in an open,fresh environment. 

At the very front of Van Aken Market Hall, Rising Star offers classic coffee options with many seating options surrounding. (Ella Schuellerman)

If studying for a particularly difficult class, maybe take a trip out and enjoy the atmosphere of one of these cafes. While the pandemic has taken away many college activities, students can still make an effort to return to normal by taking their study sessions to these cafes.