Alan Miciak promoted to executive vice president of university

Photo from Boler College of Business

Photo from Boler College of Business

Alan Miciak, the former dean of the Boler College of Business, has stepped into a new role as the executive vice president of JCU, a new position at the University. 

“It’s an exciting position to lead the University,” Miciak told The Carroll News. “[The job] is looking at mostly the internal operations of the University and leading the senior leadership team as we sort of execute on our strategy to change our operating model and serve the mission, which is to graduate students that live inspired lives.”

President Michael D. Johnson announced Miciak’s new position on March 16 via email to the JCU faculty and staff. Johnson stated in the email, “Throughout the process of establishing our long-term vision for John Carroll, and indeed for six years as the John M. Boler Dean of the Boler College of Business, Dr. Alan Miciak has been a great leader, collaborator and ambassador for JCU. Today, I am pleased to inform you that Al has been named Executive Vice President. In this role, he will oversee our Senior Leadership team and all internal matters while I focus on external matters, particularly as they relate to the strategic plan.”

“I’ve been here for six years. I love John Carroll,” Miciak told The Carroll News. “It’s been really the highlight of my career. I’ve been a dean for over 15 years, and my five and a half [years] as dean of the board college have been the very best of my career. And so now, this is really just another bigger opportunity.”

Miciak provided a statement via email to the JCU community on March 19, stating that his goal is to “ensure each student receives a life-changing mix of academic challenge, experiential opportunity and personal formation.” He added that he would face critical challenges facing student enrollment, university revenue, and the “culture of accountability.”

“The president and the Board have really kind of looked at our competitive reality, and looking at the challenges that are facing higher ed generally, and then the ones that we’re facing here at John Carroll, and just recognize some of my track record and abilities and said, ‘You know, it’d  be a good time to get us prepared in fighting fit for the next the next few years as we get into more competitive environments,’” said Miciak.

The administration recently faced heavy backlash after the tenure conflict and the higher education crisis that is sweeping the nation.

However, universities will continue to adapt as the pandemic continues, but Miciak said students, staff and faculty have been making the transitions easier. 

“We had a very successful semester,” he said. “In part, of course, by the work that student affairs and athletics and staff have done to make sure the campus was open and safe and clean, but also that the students in their efforts to comply with expectations have done a good job.”


Editor’s Note: The Carroll News reached out to Provost Steven Herbert but did not receive a response.