Humans of JCU: Diane Seifert

Jacob Kozlowski, The Carroll News

This year brought big changes to the Schott Dining Hall. With the advent of mobile ordering, dining at JCU is a more convenient and enjoyable experience. What hasn’t changed from years prior, however, is the warm welcome from Diane Seifert. 

Seifert, a Cleveland Heights native, shared her perspective on all things dining after decades of serving John Carroll’s students. As one of JCU Dining’s longest-serving staff, Seifert says she enjoys working with Parkhurst, and she’s not thinking about retirement. 

“I will retire when I get tired of working, but that’s not happening anytime soon,” Seifert said. When asked why she joined the Carroll community and has stayed for almost four decades, Seifert said, “My dad went to school here. He went to John Carroll years ago.” 

When asked what John Carroll means to her, Seifert simply said, “Family. ​​I love the students like family.”

 Seifert also shared her frustration about working during a pandemic. “I just wish people could come and stay in the café,” she said. “I wish more people could come and fill up the dining hall just like in years past.”

Seifert works in food preparation and keeps each station stocked and clean. As she puts it, “I’m all over the place.”

 In her free time, Seifert likes to go for walks in her neighborhood or at Shaker Lakes. “I like to feed the ducks, get exercise and just enjoy nature.”​​

Students recount their stories of encountering Seifert’s warm welcome and personality. Grace Kilfoyle 23 said, “Diane, she’s so invested in the student’s lives. So much has changed, and it’s really hard to not be negative from day to day, but she goes the extra mile to make our days brighter.” 

Emma Kosicek 23 agreed. “Diane always asks how my day has been with her classic, ‘What’s new?’ She is so caring, and it’s nice to make small talk with someone who genuinely cares.”

It’s clear to all students, faculty and staff that Diane Seifert is loved as an integral member of the JCU community.