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  • August 27BREAKING: JCU to require vaccination of all students, faculty and staff by Nov. 15

PODCAST: Marketing expert predicts the future of higher-ed is not a 4-year degree

Sophia Maltese, Editor-in-Chief October 25, 2020
"[Universities have] been quite predatory on this notion that you have to go to college to get ahead."

UK proposes to regulate internet platforms and punish offenders

Alex Rajakovich, Staff Reporter April 14, 2019

On Monday April 11, Britain proposed a new set of safety laws that would “slap penalties on social media companies and technology firms if they fail to protect their users from harmful content,” according...

Nike faces Michael Avenatti in major bribery scandal

Matthew Meyer, Staff Reporter April 14, 2019

As the story surrounding Lawyer Michael Avenatti continues to develop, more people are being brought into the spotlight with accusations. The former legal representative of Stormy Daniels in her court...

Uber vs. Lyft: The Battle for Rideshare Domination

André Alamina, Columnist April 14, 2019

If I were writing this article, say, five years ago, you would probably be confused by its title. There was no “battle” in the ride-share market back in 2014. There was Uber, which at the time controlled...

WOW Airlines leaves thousands stranded in Iceland

Mike Ulishney, Staff Reporter April 14, 2019

The big purple plane that is the trademark of WOW Airlines may be their trademark no more. According to NBC, in late March, WOW Airlines became the next victim of failing budget airlines. Flying over 3.5...

March Madness has significant effect on business productivity

Mike Ulishney, The Carroll News March 28, 2019

Avid college basketball fan or not, it is the time of the year again when friends, families and coworkers gather around their televisions and computer screens to watch the thrilling Division-I basketball...

Recession alarm bells being rung by U.S. bond market

Matthew Meyer, Staff Reporter March 28, 2019

One of the United States’ most accurate economic predictors just signaled an oncoming recession. On  Friday, March 22, the United States Treasury long-term to short-term bond spread plunged into the...

Column: “Tell me about yourself”

André Alamina, Columnist March 28, 2019

There is probably no single question that gives interviewees more anxiety than “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” It is almost always the first question that an interviewer will ask, but despite...

Column: Work smarter, not harder.

Riley Sharp, Buisness/Finance Editor March 28, 2019

Instagram. It’s not simply a photo-sharing app, but rather a vessel for dreams, a platform for performance and weapon of justice. It’s a place of comfort for the lonely. It’s a service for the...

Jeff Bezos, The National Enquirer and all the blackmail details

Alex Rajakovich, Staff Reporter February 13, 2019

Jeff Bezos, CEO and mastermind of Amazon and the world’s richest man, publicly announced on Twitter his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos, his wife of 25 years, in early January. The decision came after a...

Gucci creative director breaks silence amid controversy

Madeline Hanna and Riley Sharp February 13, 2019

Gucci, one of the most famous and popular luxury fashion brand is known for creating new and irresistible, code-breaking fashion that captivates consumers. In doing so, they have been able to sell their...

Column: Wheelin’ & dealin’… with inaccessibility

Riley Sharp, Business & Finance Editor February 13, 2019

As someone who has seen firsthand the effects cerebral palsy can have on those managing it, the family and the community, I can say with confidence that American culture is not catering to the disabled...

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