Readin’ with Rachel: A paranormal experience I’ll never forget

Readin with Rachel: A paranormal experience Ill never forget

Rachel Scully, Campus Editor

With an incredibly hard week behind me, I started thinking about the “before times.” That is, life before COVID-19. With so much anxiety that surrounded the election, so much fear during the pandemic, I felt it was about time I reminisced about some of my favorite college memories, like my time with The Paranormal Research Group, which is no longer active.

This was my first investigation with the club. You can see the excitement on my face. I felt like I was in the coolest club in the world.

I met many of the members during our first meeting. I was a scared freshman just trying to figure out how to make friends. Nevertheless, the group welcomed me with open arms. Our personalities flowed perfectly together, and I felt lucky to be involved in such a fun group. 

My first investigation went even better. We investigated a haunted museum in Buffalo, New York. It was an unique experience, that’s for sure. We heard real bumps in the night, used real paranormal research equipment and even took some cool photographs. I made myself known as the fun skeptic of the group, always questioning what we saw. (I guess that’s why I went into journalism).

That first experience felt like a sleepover with best friends, even though I had just met these people. While we were diving home, Tim Horton’s in hand, I genuinely couldn’t wait for my next trip.

The group tested my limits in order to catch the perfect evidence. Those trips continued as the group tested my bravery each time. I’ve gone on solo runs, which is when one person investigates the building on their own, and I caught my own cool evidence. I even sat in a dark attic alone for 20 minutes to see if I could capture any activity. But it was always worth it in the end if we caught a bump, a voice, or a whisper. 

We explored numerous places ranging from colleges, museums, and even private homes. This was taken in the music building at Lake Erie College. As always, we worked in complete darkness next to our flashlights.

I loved the group so much that I became an officer on the executive board. I helped plan investigations, budget and help out the leaders wherever they needed. I even helped plan for the next investigation while I was in the hospital. Exploring haunted areas around the Midwest was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I was not going to take this opportunity for granted.

While the group is now decommissioned, I hold those memories tightly, especially now. I don’t look at them as sad memories but happy ones. It was a time in college unique to me. Now, many of my friends from that group have moved on to bigger and better things, but I still look back at them. Proud.

I remember asking myself, “Why did you choose to become a leader in a paranormal group? What real world skills did you learn?” I learned many unique skills, especially ones that  relate to my career. I learned how to keep calm in times of stress, how to lead a team and even how to drive long hours after a night of work. 

Halloween might be past us this year, but I always will have a soft spot for the spooky season. My memories with the PRG are ones that are so unique and special. That group taught me more useful skills that I could have ever imagined. My best advice is to try something different and leap out of your comfort zone. You will thank yourself later.

I felt like I was able to be myself around everyone, even if they did take dorky photos of me.
Yes, this is me staring intently at a photograph.














All photos are provided by the  John Carroll Paranormal Research Group records.