COLUMN: Finding the positives in tough losses


After suffering a loss, it is easy to get down on ourselves. Finding the positives in losses help everyone as a team grow from their mistakes.

Anna Meyer, Sports Editor

Whether it is high school, college or professional sports, rivalries exist at all levels. 

For John Carroll University, the rivalry with the University of Mount Union is one of the biggest across NCAA Division III Football despite the Blue Streaks only winning three out of 41 meetings dating back to the 1920s.

Going into Saturday’s game, the Blue Streaks remained hopeful to try and knock off the No. 3 Purple Raiders for the first time since Nov. 12, 2016. 

Even though the outcome didn’t turn out in favor of the Blue Streaks as they suffered a 28-14 loss, the interviews after the game with John Carroll’s Head Coach Rick Finotti were eye-opening. 

In a society where there is so much competition and pressure to win, it sometimes is hard to stay positive when mistakes are made on the field. 

In the post-game interviews, Finotti expressed so much gratitude for his team’s commitment to each other leading up to the game and the positive lessons that can be taken away from the competition. 

“A lot of guys dropped their egos in this game, ” said Finotti. “They did what they had to do to get everyone ready. I have so much respect for my football team, coaches, and we tested their patience, but it did not come out our way. A lot of guys grew up today in this game, and it is encouraging.”

For a Blue and Gold team with so many young players, the future is bright in the eyes of their head coach. Sometimes it takes a loss against one of the best teams in the nation for players to grow. 

Oftentimes losses have a negative connotation and impact on the players. Putting things into perspective is one of the most positive things a head coach can do.

“I have a lot of respect for my team,” said Finotti. “Those guys compete, and the game of football is about injuries and how much you can take. I am so proud to coach this football team. I am very lucky.” 

The respect and positive attitude displayed by Finotti will help his team bounce back faster from the loss they faced on Saturday. As the Blue Streaks take the field this weekend against Muskingum for a homecoming game in front of family, fans and alumni, it will be interesting to see how the positive outlook from a tough loss translates into their performance on the field. 

As athletes, students and even professionals in the workplace, it is hard to see the positives when things don’t end up going in the right direction. 

Next time you suffer a “loss,” look to find the positives as Finotti did in himself, his coaching staff and his overall roster of over 100 talented athletes.