What your Saxbys order says about you


Leanna Nasrallah

Hot or cold? Mocha or vanilla? A Saxbys order can tell a lot about a person.

Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor

Saxbys, the new student-run cafe at JCU, has garnered quite the fan base in the John Carroll community. On any given week day, the halls of Admin are filled with students carrying brown paper boxes with their food orders or clear cups with their names spelled (mostly) right. Saxbys serves dozens of students a day who each order a variety of treats and snacks as well as caffeine pick-me-ups. Here is what your Saxbys order says about you.


  • Mocha Cold Brew: You either went to Saxbys on the opening day and got the thing that sounded the most familiar or you were told by a friend to try this. You like to stay organized so that you can have more time to be with friends. You probably have your notes color coded and write the headings in cursive. 

    If you are a mocha cold brew person, I just want to know how many highlighters you have in your backpack at once. (Corinne McDevitt)
  • Any Other Cold Brew: You probably have either fairy lights and vines in your room or you say that the people who have fairy lights and vines in their rooms are too mainstream. You are the kind of person who knows what they like but tends to make sure it is not like everyone else. 
  • Smoothie: Are you running late to the gym or do you just like the pretty colors of the smoothie? Either way, your Saxbys run either does not happen often or it is not a huge part of your day. You don’t like to waste time so you get your food and drink all in one go which is pretty admirable. 
  • Iced Teas: You probably spend at least an hour in Saxbys everyday. But not because you are stuck in line or talking with others, you just like the vibes. You tend to take life one day at a time. You are the kind of person who sings loudly to their favorite songs in the car and rolls down the window to scream out the lyrics. 
  • Matcha: You are who the cold brew people want to be. You have a vinyl record collection and probably wear a lot of quirky earrings. People say you are the most genuine person they know. You are really into horticulture and your laptop is covered with Grateful Dead stickers. To be honest, you are probably an Aquarius or it is in your top three.

    If you are a Matcha person, I admire you and want to be like you when I grow up. (Corinne McDevitt)
  • Hot Teas: You are the epitome of the light academia aesthetic (sorry, you are too bubbly to be dark academia). You probably drink your tea while reading a philosophy book and listening to really obscure music. You are very reserved at first but tend to open up after you get to know someone. 
  • Black Coffee: You are a professor with 0.5 stars on Rate my Professor. 
  • Lattes/Mochas/Macchiatos: Does your back hurt from carrying all that academic pressure? I promise you, you are doing enough and you will graduate! Stop worrying! You probably need a study break and some encouragement. You put your self worth in your accomplishments when you are fine on your own! Bonus points if you add espresso.
  • Seasonal Drink: You are the best kind of wild card. You are drawn to the beauty of new adventures and probably never order the same thing twice. People are drawn to you because you are so bright and happy. People always come to you for advice and even though you feel ill equipped, you give them the best guidance possible. 
If you are a person who likes the specialty drinks, I just want to know what it is like to be everyone’s favorite goofball. (Corinne McDevitt)


  • Grilled Cheeses: You are the food equivalent of the mocha cold brew. You looked for something familiar and found it. However, if you order any of the specialty grilled cheeses, you like to watch reality TV shows because you avoid drama in your day to day life. You seem like the kind of person who likes to go stargazing and tell stories.
  • Breakfast Burritos: You throw this away halfway before you are done. You have trouble committing to things and you probably considered either changing your major or transferring once. You probably spend too much of your time combing through fake scenarios in your head because you are anxious. 
  • Bagels/Breakfast Sandwiches: You have your life put together or at least present like you have it put together. You tend to put work before your personal relationships but it’s because you are going to be a really good doctor or lawyer in the future. Sometimes, you need to slow down which is why you sit on the bench at Saxbys to eat instead of running to your dorm to study. However, you probably also think reading an old textbook is self care. 
  • Party Toast: You ordered this once as a joke and now continue to order it out of spite. 
  • Avocado Toasts: You have probably cried in at least three different buildings on campus. You feel emotions and you feel them hard. You still have corded headphones because you can not keep track of anything even if it is expensive like AirPods. However, you are probably really creative and spend time in class doodling when you’re bored. 

    There is no shame in getting a muffin every time but you are the equivalent of the person who only gets chicken tenders when they go out to eat. (Laken Kincaid)
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Toast: You have high standards with your food and with your life. You get this because it is familiar and you hope no one will mess it up because if it is wrong it will ruin your whole day. You tend to dwell on things that do not matter. However, that is why you are surrounded by the best people and have the best grades; you are a perfectionist. 
  • Bakery Item: You panicked in line and could not think of something better to order so you said the first thing you saw. You are not a fan of social situations and would rather spend your weekends rereading Twilight. You probably take your food back to your dorm to eat because you are a little too insecure to eat in front of people.
  • Seasonal Dishes: You are either really cool or you really suck, no middle ground. For the former, you are totally nonchalant and have a slight tendency to want your friend’s approval. For the latter, you are trying to be quirky and it probably failed. You probably took one bite of the Pierogi grilled cheese and criticized it to your friends. 

Whether you prefer to sip and study or grind and gain, Saxbys has food for all of your between class needs no matter who you are.