John Carroll Men’s Soccer highlights a team passion for excellence


JCU Sports Information Department

Izac Coleman ’24 competing for the Blue and Gold this season.

Leah Harrigan, Staff Reporter

A bright and sunny afternoon kickoff resulted in a sound victory for the John Carroll Men’s Soccer team. The Blue Streaks exited Bexley, Ohio with a 2-0 win over the Capital University Comets on Sat., Oct. 22.

Holding onto the last inklings of warm weather, the Streaks played with an aura of excitement and drive that encompassed the beauty of the fall soccer season.

Patrick Koenig under the lights at Don Shula Stadium. (JCU Sports Information Department)

The goals of the match would be accredited to Patrick Koenig ‘24 and Daniel Kalic ‘24, two players that have seen impressive minutes throughout the 2022 campaign. An added victory to the win column transcended John Carroll to an overall record of 11-4-1. But today, as we relish in the feelings of triumph, we also take a moment to reflect on the components and strategies that have created John Carroll’s path to success.

Going into the match, the Blue and Gold thoroughly understood the implications of the end result.

“The pregame strategy was just to focus on the things that we could control,” stated Izac Coleman ‘24. “We knew we couldn’t afford to drop any points so that was the main focal point.”

Vogrin after a saved shot this season for JCU. (JCU Sports Information Department)

This technique certainly paved the way for a successful shutout for Jake Vogrin ‘23, who stood strong in net for John Carroll. Vogrin faced a series of shots, but the Blue Streak defensive line was intense in their abilities to re-possess the ball if it entered their own half. 

One passionate defender, Nicholas Ruggiero ‘22, has remained steady at the center-back spot for an impressive four-year campaign.

“Our team is full of leaders,” started Coleman. “But for me, Nicholas ‘Rugg’ has stuck out. I’ve played with him for many years now and he has the soccer IQ to communicate and encourage the team.”

The chemistry between Ruggiero and Coleman shines when the two defenders play in a brilliant harmony with one another. Coleman, a dynamic outside back for John Carroll, has been able to use Ruggiero’s veteran experience to create combinations among players that ultimately push the ball into the opposition’s zone.

Nick Ruggiero making a play for the Blue Streaks. (JCU Sports Information Department)

John Carroll has an undeniable offensive ability, but their composed line of defenders has also played a pivotal role in their Ohio Athletic Conference success.

The Blue Streaks, 6-1 in their conference, have battled to the waning seconds of each and every match. If John Carroll has a lead, their intensity never falls below threshold. If the Streaks are down during a game, the collected and unified nature of the squad remains anchored. The beautiful balance and harmony between blatant ferocity and finesse is nothing but commendable.

John Carroll holds a significant amount of offensive and defensive talent, a unique attribute that onlookers have gathered within the past seasons of Blue Streak soccer. As fans, we adore the presentation of victory. But, it’s also our job to reflect on the efforts of each player, facet and strategy that have maximized the squad’s potential. 

Here’s to the trials and tribulations of athletics, the wins and the losses and, most importantly, the journey to achievement.

John Carroll will take their skills back to Don Shula Stadium in an OAC matchup against Mount Union on Wed., Oct. 26.