Fall workouts to kick off the year

Jonathan Shackleton, The Carroll News

As Steven Richards, the author of many inspiring books, once said, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.” 

Although weight training may be tough, it is very important because it assists you in staying in shape and getting stronger. These exercises, which come from the websites bodybuilding.com and aworkoutroutine.com are some of the most important in a good workout.


Squats are an important exercise because they target multiple parts of your leg, including quads, hamstrings, glutes and the outer thighs. With this workout, remember to keep your back balanced and  upright.

Bench Press

The bench press is a key exercise in building the chest because it targets the major pectoral muscles. When bench pressing, it is important to touch your chest with the bar in order to get a full range of motion.

Lat PullDown 

Lat pulldowns are a good exercise for beginners. When you gain strength in the lats, it makes more advanced back exercises, such as pull ups and chin ups, easier. When doing lat pulldowns, make sure to lean back a little bit and keep your back straight while pulling down.


Although situps are very common, they are also effective in attacking a core workout. Situps target the abdominal muscles but can also have other great effects, like toning up your midsection. When doing situps, do not fully go down when laying back.

Hammer Curls

 Hammer curls are the easiest way to tone and build muscles in your arms. This exercise hits a lot of major muscles throughout the arm, including biceps, triceps and forearms. When doing this workout, slowly bring the arm fully back to engage the triceps muscle as well.