New Alcohol Service and Animal Policies effective as of Oct. 31

Olivia Shackleton, Campus Editor

An Inside JCU email sent on Nov. 4 alerted students, faculty and staff of two new University administrative policies, one dealing with serving alcohol on University property or University events, and the other dealing with having animals in campus buildings.

The first is a 12-page document regarding the use and service of alcohol on campus. The policy, approved on Oct. 31, was developed by the Office of Risk Management.

It states, “Alcohol may be used or served on John Carroll University (“the University”) property or in connection with University-sponsored events and activities only in accordance with both the procedures enumerated below and applicable state, local, and federal laws and regulations.”

The purpose of the policy is to clarify the requirements regarding the use and service of alcohol during University-sponsored events or on University property.

“This policy applies to all University departments, divisions, schools, units, faculty, staff, students, and any external entity and/or individual serving alcohol on University property, at a University-sponsored event or activity, or at an event off University property if any part of the cost of the event is paid with University funds.” The Alcohol Use and Service Policy is an addition to the existing Alcoholic Beverage Policy, which is found in the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee Drug-Free Workplace Policy.

The policy outlines various requirements that need to be present, depending on who is attending the event. For example, if it is an event for students where alcohol will be served to 21-year-olds, the event must have security personnel, an invitation list, additional security at the door, wristbands, no re-entry, a three drink maximum, use of SpaceFinder to book the event, insurance and a sponsoring department. The requirements for events that include faculty and staff can be found in Appendix A of the policy. Appendix C gives a visual representation of the requirements needed for events, dependant upon the event’s participants.

When the policy was posted for open comment, three anonymous individuals responded. Only one remark created a change in the policy’s language. The comment read, “The alcohol policy as currently written seems to do away with the ability for departments to be able to hold on campus retirement parties, promotion celebrations, or end of the year festivities for their faculty and have a bottle of [personally donated] wine or champagne available to celebrate the occasion. Most departments do not use SpaceFinder as the celebrations are held in their own unique common spaces. I imagine that the practice would also fall into ‘self-service,’ even if it’s being done as part of a joint toast to the guest of honor.” Due to this, the policy was revised and now states that small gatherings within a departmental suite are not considered a University-sponsored event.

The second policy, approved on Oct. 31 by the Office of Risk Management, is the Animals on Campus Policy. This five-page document states, “Except for animals specifically exempted by this policy, animals (including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, or snakes) are not permitted in any John Carroll University (“the University”) building at any time. Animals such as dogs and cats may be present outdoors on campus grounds if they are leashed or held and attended at all times. Students in residence halls are required to follow rules and restrictions on animals in residence halls.”

The exemptions stated in the policy include service animals, emotional support animals for students in residence halls, animals as a reasonable workplace accommodation, research and teaching animals, animals permitted under policies of ResLife or University-owned property and animals permitted for a specific purpose.

When the policy was posted for open comment, five anonymous individuals and one named individual responded. These remarks ranged in their levels of support. None of the comments resulted in changes in the policy’s language.

For more specifics on these policies, visit JCU’s website under University Administrative Policies.