Trendsetter: ’90s hairstyles comeback


Image from Pixabay.

Nicolette Noce, Staff Reporter

Who doesn’t love the ‘90s? From grunge music by Nirvana to cinema classics like “Clueless,” it’s a pretty great time period. The good news is, it’s back! Well, the hairstyles are, that is. 

The ‘90s brought us simple, yet timeless styles and celebrities from Bella Hadid to Margot Robbie are rocking them. Half up half down ponytails and claw clips are all the rage again. People and celebrities alike are recreating these throwback hairstyles.

 So, everyone, pull out the crimpers and dust them off, we’re gonna style our hair like it’s 1995 and we just discovered Christina Aguilera for the first time. 

Everyone can agree that Rachel Green and the other characters of “Friends” had inexplicably beautiful hairdos, and many sit all day in front of the mirror attempting to recreate them. And what about the Olsen twins? Bobs, braids and bobbi pins — they’re back. Even everyone’s favorite snap clips. They keep the hair out of your eyes and also, entertained for hours.

Image from Flickr

The question is, why are these styles making such a comeback? The answer: Fashion trends tend to cycle and come in waves. Something that was popular at one time tends to come back into style within 20 years or so. Another theory suggests that fashion trends follow the global economy. 

According to, economist George Taylor developed the “Hemline Theory” which explored the idea of the rising and falling economy with the rising and falling hemline. 

“In the 1920s, he noticed that women were wearing shorter skirts to show off their silk stockings. When the market crashed, the hemlines dropped, and skirts got longer. The correlation was evident — Longer skirts allowed women to hide that they weren’t wearing (and couldn’t afford), stockings,” Taylor said.

While that theory was not about ‘90s hairstyles coming back, it does pertain to why certain styles become popularized years after the style’s peak. Another theory, the “20-year-rule,” is a common concept in the fashion industry and has something to do with our mothers and fathers. The rule means that it takes 20 years for a trend to die, then come back into popularity again. The “20-year-rule” has held true to almost all fashion, music, decor, television, film and art.

Most of us have found fashion inspiration while rummaging through our parents’ old belongings. We wear the garments they have cherished and saved throughout the years. In the same way, we find inspiration from old photos. 

Let’s say you see a photo of your mother in the ‘90s looking smoking hot, rocking front bangs. You think to yourself, “I wonder how I would look with front bangs?” and then you notice you have the perfect facial structure for them because your mom’s genes passed to you.  

Next thing you know, you have front bangs and soon after, so do all of your friends. Just like that.

We find inspiration to change our looks all the time and the ‘90s seem to be bleeding into modern culture effortlessly. Now, let’s not pretend there weren’t some epic hair DON’Ts that emerged in the ‘90s, but that’s for another article.