10 clubs that should exists on campus but don’t


Photo by Casper Johansson on Unsplash. Edited by Rachel Scully

Rachel Scully, Diversions Editor

John Carroll University: Where there’s something for everyone … or is there? Have you been looking for some new, unique clubs to join? Well, start looking elsewhere because these clubs don’t exist. However, the Diversions section is HIGHLY recommending that someone should make them. Here are 10 clubs that don’t exist at JCU but should. 

Warning: None of these are useful.

The Fruit by the Foot Enthusiasts A club for anyone who absolutely loves that soft, chewy goodness.

The Bob Evans Club Where a group of breakfast lovers go out to eat at Bob Evans every other Saturday. (Please make this happen).

President Johnson Role-Play Club- Everyone pretends to be President Michael Johnson. Bring your suits and your smiles. 

Yodeling Club- Do you love yodeling? Do you want to start yodeling? Then this is the club for you. Start singin’.

Succulent Shaming Club- Inspired by the Reddit community, r/succshaming, this club allows you to straight up shame your succulents for not doing what you want.

The Dark Knights- Members meet every midnight to joust just like the good ol’ days (medieval times).

Astrologists Anonymous- A club for those astrology lovers who are too embarrassed to admit it. The club guarantees full anonymity. (It’s okay frat guys, you can come).

The Perfect Club- A club that never meets and does absolutely nothing. The best part? Members get credit for it all!

Seth Rogan Fan Club- A safe space for all you Seth Rogan fans. Members will simply sit and listen to two-hour compilations of his laugh. 

Debate and Speech- Not to be confused with JCU’s award-winning speech and debate team, this club will allow members to debate with each other or give a speech. The catch? You may only talk about Seth Rogan.