Sweet Moses Ice Cream: A Legend Comes to a End

I’m not lying when I say that ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve always been prone to eating loads of Ben and Jerry’s growing up—and personally—I think it’s one of the best foods ever invented. So when I heard of an ice cream challenge being offered up in Cleveland, I had to try it for myself. I grabbed a pair of my friends to watch me chow down and headed up to Sweet Moses Fountain and Treat Shop.

This quaint little store, named after Cleveland founder Moses Cleaveland, has everything you’d find in an old-fashioned ice cream shop: flavor pumps to serve you ice cream sodas, employees dressed as classic ice cream parlor servers and a high top to enjoy your delicious frozen (or non-frozen) treats. The store takes heavy inspiration from these types of classic ice cream joints and pulls off the look perfectly. Even ten years after their opening, Sweet Moses continues to bring in a dedicated fanbase for their amazing treats. Sadly, soon this won’t be the case anymore.

Another reason for my venture to Sweet Moses was due to the unfortunate closing of the store permanently. Jeff Monearu, the owner of Sweet Moses, had plans for the transition of ownership of Sweet Moses recently fell through. Thus, faced with a difficult decision, Sweet Moses was to close forever on October 24th. With such an immense challenge ahead of me and a limited time slot to conquer it, I had to make my move. I decided to schedule the weekend to take on the Terminal Tower Challenge.

The first time my friends and I drove up to Sweet Moses was an hour before they closed. On arrival, we were met with the longest line for an ice cream store I had ever seen. A line of at least 50 or more people stood outside Sweet Moses, waiting for their taste of the soon-to-be-gone ice cream. With little time to wait, and nowhere near enough time to even get my ice cream, we postponed our arrival until the next day. We made our second journey earlier in the night, leaving us with not only a shorter line but enough time to finish the challenge when I ordered.

An hour and a half later, we were finally in the store. The interior was filled to the brim with candy, popcorn and every other treat you could imagine. As we eagerly awaited our turn I couldn’t help but admire the amount of character the store had. From the pictures on the walls to the way the counters and ice cream were organized, I truly understood why the store was so appreciated. Finally making it to the front, I was met with the most heartbreaking thing related to ice cream I had ever heard: “I’m sorry, but we aren’t serving the Terminal Tower Challenge this weekend.”

While I was sad to hear this terrible news, I was still determined to eat as much ice cream as I could. I bought several of their iconic sundaes while my friends ordered their own choice of ice cream. As my order came out like a three-course meal, I eagerly awaited to chow down. My friend started a timer and I inhaled their signature “Mount Caramel” sundae in minutes, the ice cream as good as I heard from the web. I hit the wall when I reached my next sundaes, both of which I didn’t know were my least favorite flavors: banana and coffee. Not reading what each sundae contained cost me dearly, and I was forced to throw in the towel by having my other friends assist me in finishing some of the remaining sundaes.

Full of three different flavors of ice cream, we grabbed some Sweet Moses postcards and headed out. Despite not getting a chance at the Terminal Tower Challenge and ordering two completely wrong flavors, I enjoyed my time at Sweet Moses. The store was lively, the customers were excited, and the servers were more than happy to serve up mountains of ice cream. While some may never be able to experience Sweet Moses ice cream ever again, I’m glad I got my chance to try it out. The experience was wonderful and has made me keep an eye out for more small businesses like Sweet Moses. May the legend of Sweet Moses rest in unending, frosty goodness.