Washing Machine Warzone

A public washing machine spinning in motion.

Sunny Ripert

A public washing machine spinning in motion.

We live in a society where instant gratification runs rampant. With the internet becoming more accessible and easier to navigate, anything that we could possibly want is at the touch of our fingertips. As time goes on, our world moves faster and faster.

We as a society have forgotten how to be patient. If a website takes a second too long to load, it is deemed “slow.” Most people are willing to pay a few extra dollars just to have their Amazon package delivered the next day instead of waiting for a week or two. This lack of patience is very evident in my dorm Campion Hall.

All freshmen living on campus were warned about what would happen if we waited too long to retrieve our laundry: some impatient or desperate soul may come along and remove our clothes for us. Understandable, but some students take it to a new extreme. Many of my friends have complained that only a minute would go by before someone took out their laundry. Only a minute! Not even five minutes passing warrants this egregious act. This has made the experience of cleaning clothes precarious and unnecessarily anxiety-inducing.

Why are people so fearful and irritated by the idea of a stranger removing their laundry before them? Aside from the fact that it’s generally rude, most people are deeply uncomfortable by the idea of a stranger potentially touching their underwear or other intimate wear. Clothes can be deeply personal. Not to mention, some clothes require careful handling and haphazardly removing them may cause a tear.

Proponents of removing a stranger’s laundry may argue that they simply don’t have time to wait. To that I say, yes you do. There’s always an opportunity to do your laundry, you just have to be vigilant. This is where waiting comes into play. What better way to practice the virtue of patience than in the laundry room!

I urge those living in Campion — and all other dorms for that matter — to be considerate of the feelings of others. It isn’t right to lay your hands on someone’s property without their permission.