Who is Sullivan King?


Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite music artists play live, the artist being the one and only Sullivan King. While music listeners may be familiar with the metal and EDM genres, very few artists combine the two together in the way that Sullivan King does.
Born July 15th, 1994 in La Canada Flintridge, California, Keaton Prescott grew up on metal and bass, fueling his desire to create his own brand of music. If you’re wondering what a combination of metal and EDM may sound like, it sounds as loud on paper as it does in person. With his love for the guitar stemming into his songs, Sullivan King mixes his incredible riffs with a heavy load of bass. His sets are a sight to behold, and his songs bring another breed of intensity.
Some of his earliest songs can be traced all the way back to 2014; over the years, Sullivan King has developed his style carefully to appeal to both metalheads and EDM freaks alike. With only a couple albums and over a dozen EP’s and singles, Sullivan King has clocked as many as a million monthly Spotify listeners—a number that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sullivan King might be just an electronic artist to some, but to many, he’s what we always wanted to be as kids: a rockstar.

Previously playing at Lost Lands, Sullivan King has also played at more well-known festivals such as the ever so popular Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas, both of which had attendance levels surpassing 300,000 attendees this year. Each set he plays comes packed with a variety of enticing visuals and an incredible mix of songs to complement them. King has also toured extensively across the United States.
Sullivan King has also had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest artists in the EDM industry and beyond. Whether it be the gigantic melodic duo of Slander, dubstep legend Excision, or even the well-known rock band of Papa Roach, Sullivan King does it all. He’s also remixed songs from the likes of DJ Snake and Kayzo, both major figures in the electronic music world. No matter what the style is, Sullivan King delivers whenever he steps up to the plate.

Shea Flynn

Recently, Sullivan King released his new album titled “LOUD”, a mix of both his classic metal-EDM style and his own take on the rock genre. With collaborations alongside other members from metal bands, the album has garnered praise from new and old fans alike and has shown that Sullivan King can perfect the craft that inspired him in the first place. His Loud and Reckless tour—which started in November—plans to take his music across the country once more. His recent stops included Ohio, traveling to Cincinnati and Columbus, providing two amazing shows, and the latter being the one I attended. Sullivan King might be just an electronic artist to some, but to many, he’s what we always wanted to be as kids: a rockstar.