Kayzo’s New Breed Tour

Once again, I’ve found myself splurging on tickets to see my favorite DJs perform in Ohio.

Kayzo’s New Breed Tour poster from his performance in Columbus, Ohio on Feb. 18. (Kayzo)

I took yet another trip down to Columbus to listen to another favorite of mine who was on tour for his new album coming out: Hayden Capuozzo, known by his stage name Kayzo, brings a variety of genres to his ever-expanding palette of songs. He’s flipped through the genres of dubstep, electronic rock, bass, metal and hardstyle over the course of his accelerating career without signs of slowing down. Let me welcome you to the doghouse and the world of Kayzo.
Capuozzo, born Oct. 8 1991, in Houston Texas, has found his place within the music industry through his intense take on electronic music. While his songs contain a variety of styles, his common theme of punk-ish rock is often the main takeaway when listening to him. Kayzo has reached all ends of the spectrum — whether it be energetic dubstep or aggressive hardstyle, he finds a way to make all his music exemplify their personality.
While he has released with various record labels such as Monstercat and Dim Mak, Kayzo also founded his own label, Welcome Records, in 2018. On it he released his debut album “Overload,” and only a year later released his second album “Unleashed”. Both racked in millions of streams over Spotify and Kayzo continues to go strong with his various singles and EPs. Like many other artists, he’s played sets at mainstream festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, but he’s also played in the previously reported Lost Lands along with several tours of his own.
While holding his own in terms of music making, he’s worked with multiple artists within the electronic music industry, collaborating with the likes of Slander, RIOT, Illenium, Micah Martin, and dozens of others. No matter who he works with, Kayzo somehow releases a memorable and catchy tune every time.
This year marks an important occasion, however.
After almost three years, Kayzo has announced plans to release his third album, titled “New Breed.” Excited for his upcoming release, Kayzo has shown great ambition in moving his music forward both at his shows and through various posts on his Instagram.
He’s definitely shown promise through the release of his first song “The Sickness,” still keeping true to his punkish style while incorporating the electronic identity he’s had such variety in creating. He also released another song on the album called “News Flash,” a staple of the intensity many of his fans have come to love over the years. Both exemplify the rock electronic, or “rocktronic,” sound Kayzo has continued to incorporate in his songs, and it seems his new releases will follow this trend.
With his New Breed Tour continuing through May, I’d recommend trying to catch his tour before it ends or attending a future performance. Kayzo has shown to be a truly special artist with almost no limitations in what he can produce. It’s rare to come across someone with such a range in music as him, yet Kayzo mentions to hit all the marks when it comes to tackling new genres.

In keeping with his passion for music Kayzo continues to offer new and upcoming artists a chance to promote their music through Welcome Records, as well as showing his love for the fanbase he’s developed over the course of his career. I personally hold many of his songs in high regard, and I hope that many others can come to see the brilliant mind of Kayzo in the future.