Companies offering COVID-19 vaccination incentives in Cleveland



Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts to customers who show their vaccination card.

Corinne McDevitt, Staff Reporter

Some say that the best things in life are free. Free food tastes better, free things suddenly become things we absolutely want and need. We can all agree that getting things for free is a great feeling. In this time of pandemic, it seems like the only free things are germs or warnings to stay “six feet apart.” 

While everyone can agree that getting free stuff is fantastic, some people believe companies have entered unsteady ethical ground in offering rewards for proof of vaccination. Those  who oppose the free incentives, mainly a significant group of personal social media accounts, claim that they promote unhealthy behavior and undermine people’s ability to choose for themselves. Most experts agree that these gifts are small enough that they do not have a significant impact on the decision of whether or not to get a vaccine. 

John Carroll Research Methods Professor Jeanette Brossmann concurs with the experts who say there is no ethical problem here. “Incentives are frequently used in research to encourage participation. If the incentive is large, that may create problems with results since those who are driven by the incentive are more likely to participate, potentially hurting generalization. 

“However, this is a promotional campaign, not a study. From what I know, they are just asking people to show their vaccine card. They are not taking down names or personal information. If they were, there might be concerns about keeping personal information confidential or how the information might be used.”

Thankfully, the light at the end of the tunnel has appeared. With the release of the COVID-19 vaccines, many people are eager to return to ordinary life. Some organizations are even giving away free products to those who can show proof of vaccination. This gift is their way of thanking the COVID-19 vaccinated population for doing their part.

Here is a compilation of businesses in Cleveland participating in the vaccine incentives. All you have to do is show your vaccine card and enjoy the free things:


Cleveland Cinemas

What? A free 44-ounce popcorn

Where? Chagrin Cinemas (8200 E Washington St., Chagrin Falls,  44023) & Cedar Lee Theater (2163 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights,  44118)

How Long? Through April 30


Krispy Kreme

What? One original glazed donut 

Where? All participating U.S. locations 

How Long? Through 2021. This offer is available everyday, all year long. Theoretically, you could get a donut every single day. 


NFL Draft Inner Circle

When? April 29 to May 1

What? A chance to be selected for the NFL Drafts Inner Circle. This new promotion is a group of lucky fans selected by each NFL club to serve as the team’s “draft ambassador.” Fans must be fully vaccinated as part of the NFL’s efforts in promoting the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine when available.

Where? FirstEnergy Stadium


Whether you are vaccinated or plan to be, get the most out of your shot with the promotion listed above. Say goodbye to COVID-19 and hello to free things!