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Arts & Life Editor Kaitlin Ryan and World News Editor Patrick Kane collaborate on the controversial story surrounding Nicki Minajs claims on the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Nicki Minaj stirs up worldwide vaccine controversy

Kaitlin Ryan and Patrick Kane September 23, 2021

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj came under heat following the 2021 MET Gala after sharing controversial opinions about the event’s vaccine mandate. Her otherwise loyal fanbase, known as the “Barbz,” were...

In the first installment of The Carroll News Horoscope, Nicolette Noce tells you what class you should take based on your zodiac sign. Graphic by Corinne McDevitt.

Horoscope: What class should you take based on your zodiac sign?

Nicolette Noce, Assistant Campus Editor September 23, 2021

Most of us struggle when it comes to choosing the right courses but what if you could pick the perfect classes that will be most helpful and interesting to you based upon your respected zodiac sign?  With...

Stay healthy during this semester with Natalia Barones guide to avoiding cold and flu season. Graphic by Corinne McDevitt.

Guide to staying healthy this semester

Natalia Barone, The Carroll News September 23, 2021

Autumn marks the beginning of cold/flu season, which is predicted to be exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; minimal natural immunity was built up last year as a result of isolation. Most everyone...

Kaitlin reviews Kacey Musgravess star-crossed following the singers divorce from ex-husband Ruston Kelly.

Kacey Musgraves comes back down to Earth with fifth album “star-crossed”

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor September 17, 2021

They say heartbreak makes for great music. After Kacey Musgraves and now ex-husband Ruston Kelly told E! News they were getting a divorce in July of 2020, users on Twitter immediately geared up for her...

One of the films many A-list stars Meryl Streep photographed by Dick Thomas Johnson, courtesy of Creative Commons.

Netflix teases star-studded “Don’t Look Up” film

Nasya Stevenson, Staff Reporter September 16, 2021

Netflix released the “Don’t Look Up” trailer on Sept. 8, directed by Adam McKay in a tweet saying, “Experience the be-all, end all movie event of the year.” Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer...

Everyone has a favorite show, commonly referred to as a guilty pleasure. This week, Kaitlin dives into the anatomy of a comfort show and talks about her top few.

Kaitlin’s Column: The abundance of choice

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor September 16, 2021

I had a brief but formative phase in my adolescence where I was obsessed with magazines. Specifically the ones about celebrity gossip with a circa 2010 glittery-eyed Justin Bieber on the front cover. The...

To celebrate the end of a stressful semester, Arts & Life Editor Kaitlin Ryan curated a playlist with optimist tones and uplifting vibes. Let the credits roll and hit play!

Spring semester finale playlist

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor May 7, 2021

To celebrate the mighty highs and lows of the spring semester, let this playlist serve as your victory lap through finals week. It has been a stressful time for everyone, so some cheerful beats and chanting...

Staff Reporter Elle Weber reviews some of her favorite new snacks from Trader Joes. The Trader Joes in Eton on Chagrin Blvd. is a short drive from campus.

Quirkiest and tastiest Trader Joe’s products

Elle Weber, Staff Reporter May 7, 2021

As finals creep up on us, sometimes snacks can help to relieve stress. With a Trader Joe's near campus, I took the difficult and hazardous job of taste testing five of their large variety of snacks....

This week in Kaitlins Column, Kaitlin talks about her college career drawing to a close and how The Carroll News has been a constant throughout her experience.

Full circle endings

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor May 6, 2021

Endings are inherently sad. Even when you are ready for a particular era to end, it is still bittersweet to watch it come to a close.  I will be graduating at the end of the Fall 2021 semester,...

Euphoria actress Zendaya rocks a canary yellow dress designed by Valentino on the red carpet of the 2021 Oscars. Staff Reporter Nasya Stevenson reviews the looks of the latest award show.

Oscars red carpet fashion review

Nasya Stevenson, Staff Reporter May 6, 2021

Several actors and actresses went for gold by dressing like the Oscar award itself as they made their grand entrance on the red carpet Sunday, April 25, for the 2021 Academy Awards. Some appearances...

One of my favorite ways to meet new people is by reaching out to friends of friends.

How I choose to integrate more social back into my daily life

Ella Schuellerman, Arts & Life Editor April 29, 2021

It is safe to say that the last year has socially stunted us all. The world took a pandemic pause and so did our social lives. While this pause was needed to protect ourselves, friends and family from...

Netflixs newest adapted fantasy series released

Netflix’s newest adapted fantasy series released

Corinne McDevitt, Staff Reporter April 29, 2021

Book-lovers and fantasy fans, it is finally here! April 23 marked the release of the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone” based on Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling book series. The show transports viewers...

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